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How to Build a Large Yarn Trainer Caddy by Tracey Kramer




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Large Yarn Trainer Caddy Instructions

For those of you who like to  knit or crochet, I came up with the idea of making my own caddy when I could not find one large enough to hold my  large skeins of yarn. There are pros and cons to using the yarn trainer, but the benefits are greater than not using it. Pros: The yarn trainer keeps the ball or skein of yarn from bouncing all over the floor; thus, it keeps the yarn contained in one area and prevents it from getting dirty. Because the yarn is contained, it discourages small children and pets from playing with your ball of yarn while you work. Cons: If you need to move your project from one area to the next, you will have to carry the caddy while still attached to your work (which could make things awkward); otherwise, you will need to cut the yarn. Anyway, the pros outweigh the cons.

You may ask why I’ve used such a large container. The reason for this is because I have large skeins of yarn, and most yarn holders are not made large enough to hold the size I work with. The 8-quart size will hold many different sizes from small to large. If you’re looking for a large yarn trainer container already made, the large ones are hard to find and usually come already made in much smaller sizes. When your Food Storage container arrives, place the lid on the container and using a drill, drill a ¾-inch hole into the center of the lid. If the lid cracks, that’s okay as that can be fixed. Dust off the shavings from the hole. Next, take clear packing tape and tape the cracks on both sides of the lids. Next, using the nylon hose barb adapter, turn it upside down, place glue on the base of the adapter, and then insert the smaller side of the adapter through the hole first so that the fat part is protruding out from the top of the outside lid. Let it dry for several hours. The fat part of the base doubles as an outer portal for your yarn string, and also works as a handle for taking the lid off the container. If you want to cover up the measurement lines on the side of the container, feel free to use flowering stickers or whatever stickers you have that would attractively cover up the red numbering. To use your caddy, simply place your skein of yarn into the caddy and thread it through the hole, and now you’re ready to knit or crochet with your yarn fully protected.















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